Can I put all my garden waste in the bin?

Anything green that grows in the garden with a couple of exceptions. Nature slipped up a bit when she designed bamboo and flax / Cabbage tree leaves. They do not break down anywhere near as readily as most waste and they do a great deal of damage to mulching machines. So sorry, but no bamboo, flax or cabbage tree leaves. And no branches in excess of 100mm diameter, again because they take too long to break down.

Why can’t I just put the garden waste out with my household rubbish?

You can. But it won’t be recycled and you’re limited with space. And you’re contributing to the landfill problem. 


What can I put in my Recycle bin


Get amongst it!

• Paper & Cardboard
Newspapers, magazines,
junk mail and all other
paper and cardboard
in the bin.

• Plastic Containers
Remove the caps and
squash the bottle flat.
Always check the base of
the container for the one
and two symbol.

(These are the only
containers we will collect).


How do I pay?

Please view our Payment options 

Can I put soil in my bin?

Soil and Rocks can not be put in your garden bin. 
Bins containing any forbidden material will not be taken as this cannot be composted successfully. The standard service  fee will apply if forbidden material found.